Grading and Metrics explained

HC Rating: Our proprietary grades are calculated considering numerous factors and variables during a player most recent 3 seasons with the most recent performances weighing the most. Grades are based on numerous metrics we found that had a strong correlation towards winning basketball games both on offense and defense combined into one rating. The HC Team Rating is a total combined rating of all players on the team with the playing time weighted based on predicted minutes.

HC Value: This value is based on a player rating in alignment with the CBA salary cap rules which has the absolute max salary currently set at ¥8,000,000 per season. Some players are above this value because the value they contribute to the team is more than the arbitrary maximum salary.

Offensive Load: Is an estimate of how much a player is directly involved in his team's offensive possessions.  It incorporating shooting, passing, creating opportunities for teammates, and turning the ball over. In most cases the star player of a team would have the highest value. 

3-Point Proficiency: A measure of three point shooting that accounts for volume.  If a player barely takes any threes, but shoots a high percentage, he is still not considered a good three-point shooter.  Once the frequency of shot attempts increases, the player's three-point proficiency will be reflective of their shooting percentage.

Playmaking: Is an estimate of open shots and scoring opportunities a player creates for his teammates by drawing defensive attention.

Rim Protection: Forcing misses at the rim (See article here)

TS%: Combines 2-point shots, 3-point shots and free throws into one percentage based on their value of points.

We will introduce the concept of the Four Factors, which consist of eFG%, TO%, ORB%, and FTr. The most important of these factors is eFG%, it is just as important to make shots as it is to prevent your opponent from making shots. 

eFG%: Field Goal percentage taking into account the extra point value of the 3-point shoot.  A 33% 3-point shot is equal to 50% eFG%. Link to more detailed article

TO%: the number of turnovers a team or player has compared to total possessions.

ORB%: the number of offensive rebounds gathered by the team or player out of all missed shots of the team. 

FTr: the number of free throws made compared to total field goals attempted.

Other metrics we use in articles:

PPP (Points per possession): Is amount of points a team or player averages per possession. For example, one made 3-point shot, one missed 2 point shot and one turnover results in 3 points over 3 possessions, so the PPP would be 1.00.

ORat (Offensive Rating): Points scored per 100 possessions 

DRat (Defensive Rating): Points allowed per 100 possessions


HC Rating:我们所独有的评分是以球员近三个赛季产生的数据和最近的表现为主体,综合考虑各种因素计算得出的。评分是综合我们发现与赢球紧密相关的种种数据所得出的、涵盖攻防两端的综合分数。

HC Team Rating(球队评分)是根据每支球队的全部球员分别上场时间加在一起的总数据。







下面我们将介绍四个因素,分别是有效命中率, 失误率, 进攻篮板率, 和造犯规率。其中最重要的就是有效命中率,球能否投进在篮球比赛中是最关键的。






PPP 每回合平均产生的得分:举个例子,投进了一个三分、投失了一个两分、一次失误,这就等同于三次进攻共得到3分,那么ppp的值就是1.00。



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