CBA Top100 Chinese Players

With the start of the 3rd CBA Bubble coming up in 2022 we have chosen to update our CBA Top100 Rank. 

Our rank follows the same philosophies that we have always followed, a player is evaluated based on winning and being able to help his team win. For this rank we have decided to display a players offensive grade and defensive grade separately so everyone can see what a players strength are as in the CBA there are some players who are particularly good on one end but poor on the other, which is interesting to see. We have put in expensive work on the defensive end looking at different levels of defense, from on-ball, to help, to rim protection of each individual player. Combined with extensive on/off data we feel very confident in having created the best and most accurate CBA rank to date.

We are proud to announce that Roots Sports is our Data Analytics provider for our newest CBA rank, we have chosen to partner with Roots because they have by far the strongest data analytics team in China. They have gathered and analyzed CBA data extensively and we have the same vision in creating honest quality work.