Can Benson Lin surpass Lin Zhijie's legacy in the CBA?

Benson Lin has been one of the most promising young players from Taiwan. He is the son of famous coach Lin Cheng-Ming, and moved to the US while still in Highschool playing a year before attending Bryant University where only after one season and an unexpected COVID-19 outbreak he decided to turn professional and was picked 3rd overall in the CBA draft by Tianjin.

Benson has good size and length at the guard position but possesses average athleticism, explosiveness and quickness. He currently lacks strength and physicality which he will need to improve as he often gets bullied by bigger opponents.

Offensively he is a player with good fundamentals, overall skillset and decent 3-point shooting. Most his offense comes in transition as it currently takes up 27% of his offense, this is partly because of his defense and getting steals and partly because the team style as they play an uptempo offense. Other than that he is mostly a spot up 3-point shooter taking up 22% of his offense, which is similar to his role in NCAA playing off the ball taking open shots, he is currently shooting 35% from 3-point land, which is a slight upgrade on his 33% last season in NCAA. Because the team lacks a guard import or another good local guard, Benson Lin has run 16% pick and rolls which is a drastic increase from his 3% in college last season, but has been inefficient in doing so. He is not a good finisher at the rim which is backed up by his 18 for 41 shots at the rim, only drawing 7 fouls and no And1s resulting in 0.97 PPP, he wasn’t much better last season at the NCAA level at only 1.03 PPP. Overall Bensons offense is still limited to mainly playing off the ball and relying on teammates to create open shots for him, but we do see an increased role on the ball already. He lacks elite quickness and athleticism to be a dominant offensive player but is a good role player playing mainly off the ball.

Defensively he is amongst the best guard defenders for locals in the CBA despite his young age. Great defensive habits and help defender always staying active and getting in help position early. Has great anticipation and quick hands going a lot of deflections and steals. Currently has a 5.3% steals rate so far this season, a number that sill drop as was only at 1.5% at a lower NCAA level last season, but it aligns with how well he has been defensively so far this season in the CBA. One of the best closeout guard defenders always jumping out at shooters contesting shots without fouling . Shows good effort sprinting back on defense. On the ball he is only average as he does not posses elite lateral quickness to pressure the ball and stay in front of opponents. Guarding the pick and roll he often gets slown down by screens as he doesn’t pressure the ball enough, although he does show good awareness of where the screens are, tends to under screens then fighting over. He is not strong enough to guard bigger players in the post. Overall he has great defensive instincts and habits making him one of the better guard defenders in the league.

Overall Benson Lin has already proven to be an above average guard in this league. Although he lacks the creativity and confidence of Team Taipei teammate Ray Chen and is currently still a slightly worse player, he has more size and overall potential. He already is a more impactful defender than Ray Chen and will end up growing into a better overall player as he matures. Although he will never be a star player in this league like Lin Zhijie he will develop into a starting level shooting guard on an above average team and surpass Ray Chen.

台灣籃球最有前途年輕球員 他是臺灣著名教練兒子在美國上了高中之後加入加入NCAA布萊大學開始他的美國大學籃球之旅 但由於COVID-9疫情突然爆發之後決定挑戰CBA聯賽選秀大會天津 作為後衛球員來說有著很好的身材條件但他運動能力爆發速度都不應該加強自己的身體力量 這樣可以使有效的防守更高對手 

進攻端擁有紮實的基本全面技術不錯的能力 主要的進攻方式快攻轉換這是因為積極的防守出色的搶斷能力還有部分原因是因為球隊快速進攻風格 主要承擔的角色這也他在NCAA擔任的角色類似擅長通過不斷然後出手目前分球命中率35%,個賽季NCAA33%略有提升 由於球隊缺少的核心後衛進攻端更多的承擔發起者的任務所以比賽中使用進攻的比例NCAA中的3%提高CBA16%,但這進攻方式效率並不 並不是出色的籃下終結球員本賽季籃下出手41命中18只有7造成對手犯規沒有得到的機會本賽季平均每回合得分0.97ppp,基本NCAA1.03ppp 的數據持平 來說還是局限進攻依靠隊友創造投籃機會但他球隊的角色變得越來越重要 的速度運動能力精英級別並不成為具有統治的進攻球員但在狀態不錯的選擇 

防守方面儘管他還年輕但他應該是CBA本土最好的後衛 有著良好的防守習慣方面做得非常好時刻保持提前站在位置上 具備良好的搶斷能力反應迅速 這個賽季到目前為止他的搶斷率為5.3%,雖然這項數據隨著賽季進行下降上賽季NCAA1.5%搶斷好的 他的能力非常出色經常成功干擾對手投籃對方投籃節奏 防守端表現積極迅速 防守持球球員方面表現因為沒有足夠的移動速度持球球員施加防守壓力 防守經常因為沒有持球球員足夠的壓力延誤 

來說很好的防守意識習慣這也使他在防守端可以球隊做出很大的貢獻 已經明瞭在這個聯盟水準後衛 儘管他還缺乏信心暴露缺點目前不到駿水準但他足夠的潛力在未來超過駿 綜合判斷因為他的運動天賦有所欠缺我們認為職業生涯上限不會超過

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